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Our shipping guarantee allows you to take comfort knowing your order will be fully compensated. If the package does not arrive according to Canada Post we will issue a store credit. We also offer free shipping on orders all orders $200 or more. Come see why cannabis strains developed by craft producers outshine commercially grown every time. Decades of dedication to growing strains with superior THC content and terpene profiles sets the medical cannabis far apart from the mass production crops. One smell of the bag and you’ll know why people still love medical grown weed.

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In search of a heavy hitting indica to put you to sleep or perhaps a nice hybrid blend for to kick back and relax during the day? We have a cannabis strain that will meet your needs and budget. Our super competitive prices and excellent customer service plays a big roll in why people call us their favourite dispensary. Buy from our online shop and you’ll be pleased with the affordable, safe, top quality marijuana every time.


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