AAAA Popcorn Buds – OG Strawberry


Grade: AA
Type: Indica


These popcorn sized buds are from of what would be considered AAAA quality cannabis from the larger buds of the same crop.

The buds have an excellent nose. A great value for a high quality daily smoke without breaking the bank.


OG Strawberry, grown on the southwest ridgeline of Mendocino County by HappyDays Farms, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that delivers crushing effects alongside a sour fuel aroma. With a THC content that can stretch to 29%, OG Strawberry is a force to be reckoned with. This hybrid combines parent strains OG Kush and Island Strawberry Afghani Indica, a union of potency that will impress even the seasoned veteran.

$55/oz  |  28 g

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